NeuroTracker improves the mental abilities that matter in all aspects of life. Whether you’re looking to improve your mental wellbeing, performance in daily life, to stay active in aging, or to overcome cognitive challenges – research shows that the brain functions NeuroTracker improves are central to real-world needs.

“Assisting people neurocognitively really helps with getting back to doing things that were once automatic,, like navigating busy environments, driving a car, functioning in the work day, or being able to handle the sights and sounds of a ball game on the weekend. Sometimes it happens with dramatic changes.”

Dr. Keith Smithson on NeuroTracker

A leader in neurovision training

Maintaining wellness cognitively

Many factors affect our everyday ability to function well mentally. Stress and fatigue can impair thinking and reduce alertness. The natural effects of aging can slow down thought processes and narrow awareness. The cognitive challenges of daily life can make mental tasks feel overwhelming. NeuroTracker is a tool designed to help you overcome these challenges with increased alertness, awareness and attention for performing well on a daily basis.


Sharper thinking, responsiveness, and readiness to concentrate on the task at hand


Keep track of important things going on all around, even when feeling overwhelmed


Filter out distractions, hone concentration, and maintain focus on what matters most


With rapid effects, NeuroTracker training over time significantly improves high-level cognitive functions and physically boosts brainwave activity with sustained effects. By processing at higher frequencies, your brain is more active and ready to perform. This is also associated with increased neuroplasticity, meaning that your brain is in a more adaptive state to improve overall mental abilities.

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