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Getting Started

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What is the standard screen resolution for desktop or 3D TVs?
To do a NeuroTracker session on a 3D TV, ideally you want the resolution set to 1920 x 1080. To change the settings in NeuroTracker when you're using a 3D TV:
  • click on operator -> advanced functions -> screen resolution -> Neurotracker
  • set the screen resolution to 1920 x 1080.
If you plan on using your laptop, the higher the screen resolution, the better! For example, if your laptop can go up to 4K then you can do NeuroTracker on your laptop in 4K.

To change the display settings on your windows laptop or computer:
  • go into display settings
  • change the scale and layout to 100% and the resolution to 1920 x 1080 and make sure that the display settings match the settings in the NeuroTracker settings.
I haven't received my glasses
For CA/USA customers glasses should arrive within 7 buisness days upon purchase. After purchasing, you should have received an email via Amazon with the tracking information. Take a look to see when your package will arrive! If you haven't received your glasses within 7 days please contact [email protected]. If you are worried that you may have misspelled your mailing address or if your package has been lost, please contact [email protected]
Where can I purchase new anaglyph glasses?
You can purchase NeuroTracker anaglyph glasses directly on Amazon at the following links below. Please note that this option is only available for Canada/US clients. To purchase a set of glasses to be shipped internationally, please contact [email protected]


How far should I sit away from the laptop?
To make sure NeuroTracker is effective and you're working on your peripheral vision, it all depends on your laptop screen size.

If you're laptop screen is approximately 13 - 15 inches, the recommended distance is about 1 - 1.5 ft away from the screen.
How far away should clients sit from the television?
When setting up a NeuroTracker Pro system, it is important to position the center of the TV at the same height as the user's eyes. Failure to do so can result in visual distortions which will negatively impact training results.

When training sessions are done sitting down, the center of the TV should be 44" to 50" from the ground (unless the chair is an unusual height).

When training sessions are done standing up, the center of the TV should be 64" to 70" from the ground. It is strongly recommended to use a chair with a seat height adjustment mechanism, to accommodate users of different heights.

Recommended postures - DISTANCE / TV SIZE / POSITION / HEIGHT
Can I use my home television to do NeuroTracker Remote?
You can use NeuroTracker on your home television. By simply connecting your laptop to an external screen of any size, you can do NeuroTracker in Anaglyph mode (red/blue glasses).
Where do I get my login information for NeuroTracker Remote?
If you're part of an organization and you haven't received your invitation email, double check your spam or junk inbox in case the email has been redirected. If the invitation is not there, please contact your organization admin to make sure your email address has been correctly entered. If there is still an issue with the invtation, contact support at [email protected]
What if I've canceled my account and would like to subscribe again?
If you would like to resubscribe your NT account, please contact [email protected]
How can I cancel my subscription?
If you would like to cancel your account, you simply need to follow the steps below:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the settings cog
  • Click on Update Profile
  • Click on Cancel
How do I renew my subscription?
Your subscription will automatically renew after each billing period. If you have canceled your account and would like to get started again, please contact [email protected]
There are no more protocols left in my account?
If you are part of an organization, you will have to contact the administrator to assign you more protocols.

You will find the email address of your administrator at the top of your dashboard.
Can multiple people use the same NeuroTracker account?
No. When you sign up for a program, it becomes customized to you and adapts to your personal mental abilities. It is intended to track your personal progress and ensure that your training session is optimized each time. Each person has a different performance level and mental threshold.
How to switch from 3D to 2D?
We currently do not have this option available to users. To request to switch back to 2D, please contact [email protected]
What should be done if I see blank screen while loading the application?
While loading the application and you have a blank screen, we suggest to log out of the application and clear your cache.

On Google Chrome while using a windows computer you can clear your cache by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE

On Google Chrome while using a mac you can clear your cache by pressing COMMAND+R.

After you do this, close your internet browser, then try again.
What should I do if I get this error- "The login information you entered does not match an account in our records."
If you receive this error message, try resetting your password.

Just click on Reset password and you will receive a new password on your associated email.

You can always change the password by logging in and then clicking on the settings cog at the top right of the page, then 'Change password'.

If the error message continues to persist, please contact [email protected]
What should I do when I receive a pop-up that says- "invalid program, cannot open" or "program is already running in another browser".
The best way around these error messages is to follow these steps.

For Windows
1. On your Keyboard, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, then open the Task Manager
2. In the list of programs, find and left click the Internet Browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) that you were using to run Neurotracker, then click 'End Task'
3. Reopen the Internet browser, and login to Neurotracker at

For Mac
1. On your Keyboard, press COMMAND+OPTION+ESC
2. In the list of apps, find and click on the internet browser and then click on 'Force Quit'
3. Reopen the Internet browser, and login to Neurotracker at
The start button on NeuroTracker Cloud dashboard is greyed out. Is my subscription expired?
Looks like your subscription has come to an end. To continue using NeuroTracker connect with your organization administrator or reach out to [email protected]
The start button on NeuroTracker Cloud dashboard is greyed out. Do I need more protocols?
Looks like you've completed all the sessions in your protocol. Contact your organization administrator to add more protocols.
The start button on NeuroTracker Cloud is greyed out and there is no message.
After a certain number of sessions, NeuroTracker requires that you begin training in 3D. To start training again, click on "I have my 3D glasses" at the top of the page. If you have not received your 3D glasses yet, and would like to train in 2D, email [email protected]
Why do I see a white screen when I start a session?
if you are using a Windows 10 laptop, you may find that when you try to run a session, instead of seeing a spinning cube, you see a white screen. When you have more than one graphics card on a system, sometimes the integrated graphics card is used by default even when you have a more powerful Nvidia Graphics-card.

This can be easily fixed!

• Right click on your desktop and select the Nvidia control panel.
• Manage 3D settings.
• Select the default graphics processor.
• Change to Nvidia.
• Apply and restart NeuroTracker.
Why is NeuroTracker running slowly on my computer?
Poor PC performance can have many different causes. It might be caused by a virus or other Malware/adware installed on your computer. Make sure that your antivirus program is up to date and consider installing Malware/Adware removal software.
What is NeuroTracker?
NeuroTracker is a cognitive training program that is designed to improve mental performance. NeuroTracker challenges you to track multiple targets moving dynamically in 3D space, and adapts movement speed and complexity in a way that optimally trains your high-level mental abilities.
What is cognitive training?
Cognitive training is a form of exercise for the brain that is designed to improve mental abilities such as memory, attention, decision-making and awareness.
How does NeuroTracker work?
With NeuroTracker, each user is asked to complete a 3D visual exercise. In this exercise, users see 8 yellow balls moving around their screen. They are asked to track the highlighted balls. NeuroTracker’s visual exercise uses 3D multiple object tracking technology which has been scientifically shown to enhance cognitive functions.
Can any 3D glasses be used?
It’s not recommended. We developed 3D glasses specifically for NeuroTracker. Our glasses were tested in a lab to optimize viewing quality and ensure durability for comfortable, long-lasting wear. They are also built to fit over regular prescription glasses.
Why does NeuroTracker use 3D technology?
We live in a 3D world. As a result, our technology is designed to simulate a real world environment to best benefit the brain. Science shows that 3D stimulation engages parts of the brain that are not activated with 2D stimulation.
Is NeuroTracker suitable for all ages?
Yes, NeuroTracker has no age restrictions. It important to note, however, that children become more proficient at training with increasing age. In addition, an individual has to understand the objective of the task; tracking and selecting targets. It could also be helpful to see a specialist who uses NeuroTracker to determine a specialist training plan.
Can multiple people use the same NeuroTracker account?
No. When you sign up for a program, it becomes customized to you and adapts to your personal mental abilities. It is intended to track your personal progress and ensure that your training session is optimized each time. Each person has a different performance level and mental threshold.
How many times should I do neurotracker per day? / Per Week?
The NeuroTracker team recommends doing 3 consecutive training sessions, every other day. This means that if you do 3 sessions on Monday your following training session should be on Wednesday.

We also recommend doing no more than 3 sessions per day. Your brain gets tired and it needs rest after training it so hard. If you'd like to train once a day, that's okay too, however it will take you longer to reach consolidation."
What is a speed threshold score mean?
When a user completes a NeuroTracker session, they receive a ‘speed threshold’ score – the primary metric that NeuroTracker provides. Speed threshold is the calculated measure of a user who fails/succeeds at that speed approximately 50% of the time (upper tracking speed limit). It is based on NeuroTracker’s analysis of results across 20 trials within an individual session.
Who can benefit from NeuroTracker?
Scientific studies show that NeuroTracker is beneficial for assessing and improving performance for athletes, personnel, healthy aging, people with cognitive related medical conditions, college students and children with learning difficulties. However, because NeuroTracker improves high-level mental abilities, it can be used by anyone looking to improve their mental performance.
What is special about NeuroTracker’s cognitive training?
NeuroTracker differentiates itself from other cognitive training programs on the market with its scientific evidence of rapid improvements across many high-level cognitive abilities and transfer to human performance.

Rapid improvement: Even with minimal training, users quickly see mental improvements. Just 18 minutes of training per week can robustly improve high-level cognitive abilities such as attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed. Most users experience positive results with just 1.5 to 3 hours of distributed training.

Transfer to human performance: In science, ‘far transfer’ is considered the gold-standard of research. Individuals using NeuroTracker experienced mental improvements not only in their training program, but also in non-related tasks e.g. passing accuracy in competitive play.
What is the purpose of the Consolidation Phase?
During the Consolidation Phase, the User is expected to rapidly improve attention performance. Building this foundation of perceptual-cognitive training is a prerequisite for advanced training with the NeuroTracker Learning System. Users’ most significant improvements typically occur in the first 21 NeuroTracker training sessions.
What hardware do I need to run NeuroTracker systems? Is there a difference between what NeuroTracker Remote requires and what NeuroTracker Pro (or Customize) requires?
• CPU: Intel Core i5 (3 Ghz)
• RAM: 8GB
• HDD: 30GB of available space
• OS: Windows 8.1 or 10 (64 bit)

• 3D Technology: Side-By-Side
• Min. Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
• Size: Min. 40"

• Minimum requirements

For Cloud
• Updated version of Google Chrome or Firefox.
• Computer with at least 4GB of RAM.
• A video graphics card that supports WebGL (Almost all computers today have this. I've only encountered 1 client that didn't).
• Any monitor or TV will work fine.
Contact Number
855-480-0808 Ext # 2
Hours of Operation
Monday- Friday 9AM - 5PM (Eastern Time)
Customer Feedback form(available at the top-
To provide feedback please click here
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