Research with NeuroTracker shows significant benefits across a wide range of populations. NeuroTracker training has been shown to improve fundamental cognitive abilities with rapid results, even for very low-functioning individuals. As NeuroTracker robustly improves attention, executive function, working memory, processing speed, and other central brain functions, clinicians use NeuroTracker as core part of interventions to improve:

  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Sustained attention
  • Selective attention
  • Distributed attention
  • Dynamic attention
  • Vision
  • Response control
  • Processing speed

What Professionals Say About NeuroTracker

Dr. Cameron McCrodan

Dr. Cameron McCrodan

Vision Development Specialist

McCrodan Vision Development, Canada

“NeuroTracker has proven to be an excellent tool in our vision development and rehab clinic.”

Stefanie Hennigfeld

Stefanie Hennigfeld

Vision Specialist

Dynamic Eye Clinic, Germany

“I have a patient who in the beginning had a tough time keeping balance even while sitting down. After only a few sessions he feels completely comfortable standing up!””

Dr. Keith Smithson

Dr. Keith Smithson

Leader in Neurovision Performance and Rehabilitation

Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry, USA

“I use [NeuroTracker] on a daily basis to assess visual and cognitive effects.”

Wellness Benefits

Increased Neuroplasticity

Based on qEEG evidence of sustained increases of brainwave speeds, NeuroTracker training has shown physiological enhancements of the brain associated with heightened neuroplasticity.

Top-Down Conditioning

Positive effects from training can be seen across high-level mental functions, including attention, awareness, and decision-making abilities – right down to lower-level functions such as balance and visual processing.

Objective Measures

NeuroTracker is used to assess fundamental cognitive and learning capacities, as well as changes in brain function.

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Benefits / How It Transfers

Improved attention (divided, selective, sustained)

Concentration & awareness, filtering of distractions

Enhanced executive function and working memory

Decision-making, problem solving & multitasking

Heightened brainwave and processing speed

Thinking at speed, learning ability & neuroplasticity

Elevated biological motion perception

Reading of body language, interpreting others’ intentions

Augment interventions with remote training

NeuroTracker extends the reach and effectiveness of intervention programs for patients with both centre-based and remotely managed training. NeuroTracker Remote allows your clients train anywhere, anytime! Progress therapy to full recovery and beyond, with instant training customization and monitoring through a secure login from any browser.

Personal training programs via the web

Highly integrative training programs

Send messages with updates to any patient’s dashboard

Individually tailored home training

Check details on any patient’s progress

Revenues from new & existing patients

Personal training programs via the web

Extend treatment beyond your clinic

Easily tailor programs to each patient’s needs

All tools needed to manage any number of patients

Send update messages to any patient’s dashboard

Check details on any patient’s progress at any time

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