Scientific Benefits

Evolved out of over 20 years of neuroscience research in the Faubert Lab at the University of Montreal, a wealth of peer reviewed studies show NeuroTracker to be a leading tool for cognitive enhancement of human performance.

What the science shows

Wide and robust effects on high-level cognitive functions

Multiple studies using standardized neuropsychological measures show NeuroTracker training significantly improves executive function, attention, working memory, processing speed, and response control

Rapid rates of improvement

A study by the Canadian Military found that 10 sessions of NeuroTracker (around 60 minutes of distributed training) produced large improvement effects in working memory functions

Transfer to real-world performance

In a 2017 meta-review of 1692 perceptual-cognitive training studies, NeuroTracker was deemed to provide the only scientific evidence of far transfer to competitive sports performance

Effective across many populations

Not only has NeuroTracker set a precedent for improving cognitive functions in high-functioning elite athletes and military personnel, it is also an effective intervention for lower-functioning populations such as elderly people and children with learning difficulties

Neurophysiological evidence

A study measuring changes in neuroelectric brain functions using detailed qEEG brain scans provided evidence that training with NeuroTracker physically and sustainably heightens neocortical brain activity

Unique cognitive profiling

A study featured on the homepage of showed that NeuroTracker revealed the superior cognitive learning rates of elite athletes compared to amateur athletes and university students

A peer reviewed study concluded that overall, NeuroTracker sets the criteria of a gold-standard cognitive enhancer. By providing top-down enhancement of cognitive functions with universally accessible training, NeuroTracker can improve mental performance in ways that matter for everyone.


Hone your mental focus on exactly what is needed

Executive function

Think clearly with better decision-making

Working memory

Stay on top of things when there is a lot going on

Processing speed

Process more information and act faster

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Why 3D?

Processing visual information in 3D engages higher-order brain functions that aren’t activated in 2D. This boosts training effects for real-world performance needs. Research at the Faubert Lab shows that 3D heightens NeuroTracker performance, and that NeuroTracker measures can reveal differences in 3D processing abilities across different populations.

What is your path to improvement?

NeuroTracker is designed to develop peak mental abilities for any situation where there is pressure to perform. NeuroTracker trains the cognitive abilities needed for better awareness and decision-making under pressure.
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NeuroTracker improves an array of mental abilities that are central to everyday real-world needs, as well as those affected by a wide range of cognitive challenges. Training can complement, and dramatically improve, the outcomes of cognitive interventions.
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Within 30 sessions (3 hours training time), NeuroTracker has shown to be an effective intervention in children with a wide range of learning difficulties. NeuroTracker boosts sustained, selective and divided attention, as well as inhibition – empowering students as they experience an increase in their learning abilities.
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