Winning requires superior mental performance. Science shows that it is cognitive abilities that give elite performers their critical performance advantage.

The power to perform under pressure, remain aware, in control, and to rapidly process everything that’s going on, are the skills needed to consistently perform at peak level. NeuroTracker has scientifically demonstrated advantages for professional athletes and military personnel seeking to raise their level of situational awareness and heighten their decision-making abilities.

What the Pros Say About NeuroTracker

Leonard Zaichkowsky, Director of Sport Science for Vancouver Canucks

Leonard Zaichkowsky, Ph.D.

Director of Sport Science

Vancouver Canucks

“Elite athletes leverage huge advantages from their mental prowess on the field, and so finding a way to condition performance cognitively has always been a major challenge for sports science. I think NeuroTracker is a genuine breakthrough here.”

Mick Clegg, Elite Lab, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Manchester United

Mick Clegg

Elite Lab, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Manchester United

“NeuroTracker is a fundamental tool for harnessing and developing any athlete’s performance potential. That’s why I’ve run over 10,000 NeuroTracker sessions for Manchester United’s best, pro athletes, and world champions in multiple sports.”

Pierre Beauchamp, Ph.D.

Pierre Beauchamp, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO of Peak Sport Performance Mindroom and Canadian Olympic Committee Advisor

“Our elite athletes report better reading of game flow, heightened anticipation of collisions, faster decision making, and ultimately more confidence under high pressure play.”

What the science shows

Improved attention (divided, selective, sustained)

Hone focus and concentration, filter out distractions

Enhanced executive function and working memory

Make complex decisions more tactically and accurately

Heightened brainwave and processing speed

Avoid overly impulsive actions and regulate emotions

Increased inhibition and response control

Perceptively slow down surroundings, respond more quickly

Elevated biological motion perception

Anticipate people’s intentions earlier and more precisely

Why it matters

Real-World Transfer

Deemed the only far transfer evidence of its kind, a double blind NeuroTracker study showed that 3 hours of training increased decision-making ability by 15% in competitive performance.

Identifying Talent Potential

NeuroTracker scores over time reveal learning capacity. A NeuroTracker study featured on the homepage showed that elite performers have superior levels of cognitive adaptability.

Objective Performance Measurement

Using just one 6 minute test, a study with NBA players showed that NeuroTracker scores were a strong predictor of on-court performance statistics throughout a season.

Remarkable Rates of Improvement

A training study with Canadian military personnel showed that just 60 minutes of distributed NeuroTracker training (10 sessions), increased working memory capacities with large effects.

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Improved Attention and Awareness

NeuroTracker is designed to develop peak mental abilities for any situation where there is pressure to perform. When performance demands are fast and dynamic, our mental processing resources become overwhelmed. NeuroTracker measurably speeds up brainwave activity for handling these greater processing loads. With on-going NeuroTracker training, elite players in team sports such as ice hockey and soccer, report feeling the game slowing down in the heat of action.

Matt Ryan using NeuroTracker

Matt Ryan using NeuroTracker


“We spend a lot of time working on our bodies, it’s equally important to have your mind operating on a high level. That’s key as a quarterback, to be able to see things and how they relate to each other really quickly, I think that’s exactly what NeuroTracker helps you do. I use it all year-round.”

Matt Ryan, 2017 NFL MVP

The New York Times interview

The New York Times

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Integrate into any Training Program

Bite size training sessions with rapid improvements make NeuroTracker a natural fit with existing training programs. Performance specialists increasingly combine physical, visual and cognitive training – NeuroTracker is an ideal cognitive tool for any performance program.

“NeuroTracker has grown into the most successful brain-training game in sports”

The New York Times

Take your training program to the next level

  • Train as little as 18 minutes per week for robust benefits
  • Boost top-down cognitive abilities for all needs
  • Measure and analyse cognitive performance abilities
  • Evaluate player’s learning rates to identify talent potential

Manage training on the road or at home

NeuroTracker training extends the reach and effectiveness of performance programs, with both centre-based and remotely managed training platforms. NeuroTracker Remote allows your clients to train anywhere, anytime! You will be able to set customized programs and monitor your athletes’ on-going progress through a secure login from any browser.


Personal 3D training using the latest web technology

Easily customize programs at any time

All the tools needed for managing any number of users

Send messages with updates to any user’s personal dashboard

Monitor all users’ session data at individual or group levels

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