Partner Program

NeuroTracker Partners receive support in multiple ways that help promote, expand, and manage their organization’s user base.

User Memberships Revenue Share
20 – 30 20%
50 – 100 25%
100 + 30%

For organizations that want to purchase memberships for their users, these benefits can also be applied as discounts for purchasing user licenses.

Grow your NeuroTracker community!

Sign up users effortlessly

A unique invitation link allows you to invite any number of users to your organization via email, social media, or through your business networks.

Integrate NeuroTracker into your website

You can embed a fully setup NeuroTracker microsite within your website. From there, you can direct users to your website where they can find out everything they need to know and sign up directly with your organization.

Help grow your community

Your practice will be promoted via NeuroTracker’s marketing and sales activities. These activities include publishing your articles on NeuroTracker’s blog and social media platforms, as well as referring new users to you, in your area of expertise.

Access to NeuroTracker Webinars

Hosted throughout the year, stay updated on all of NeuroTracker’s best practices as recommended by top professionals in our community.

Media exposure

Co-write articles that feature your area of expertise. Your articles will be promoted on NeuroTracker’s blog page and social media platforms, which will feature your practice and position as an expert in your field.

Marketing package

Receive multiple, editable digital and printable materials that help you promote NeuroTracker in your practice.

Partner Monetization Program

The NeuroTracker Partner Monetization program allows your business to automatically receive a revenue share of all user memberships that you sign up. The more active users you have, the larger your share of all user membership revenues. With the power of the NeuroTracker Cloud platform and sales support, the Partner Monetization program lets you sign up users from day one, and quickly develop your user base into an expanding and ongoing revenue generator.

The program also allows you to add and manage sub-partners under your organization, who can immediately start signing up new users, with revenue benefits shared within your business structure. The Monetization program allows you to scalably grow new business throughout your network.

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The NeuroTracker Partner Program can take your organization’s user reach to new levels with ease.

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