Short 6-minute training sessions make NeuroTracker easy to integrate into existing training programs. Complementary to other rehabilitation tools in the field, NeuroTracker is a highly effective addition to any wellness based intervention.

Assess a student’s cognitive ability with an objective measuring tool

Customize advanced programs specifically to your patients’ needs

Flexible integration with existing therapies, including dual-task training

Evaluate and track changes in high-level cognitive functions over time

Learning Benefits

Increased Brainwave Activity

Shown in research using qEEG measures, NeuroTracker positively and widely increases brainwave speeds in students – associated with heightened neuroplasticity.

Intervention Responsiveness

Students with learning difficulties typically respond to NeuroTracker training with strong learning characteristics and positive measurable outcomes.

Enhanced Brain Functions

NeuroTracker training robustly improves standardized measures of executive function, working memory, processing speed, IQ, attention, inhibition, and response control.

A Practical Tool for All

NeuroTracker is an easy to use tool for both learners and for educators. Just two to three 6 minute sessions per week can provide significant learning benefits. Sessions are simple enough for students to do on their own, yet are always a balanced challenge within the gamified training program – not to mention, 3D is cool!

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Brain Functions / Important For:

Executive Function
Staying on task, analyzing, planning

Working Memory
Understanding, problem solving

Awareness, focus, concentration

Mental Processing Speed
Comprehending information quickly

Brainwave Speed
Alertness, learning, neuroplasticity

Response Control
Controlling impulsivity & behaviour

Augment interventions with remote training

NeuroTracker extends the reach and effectiveness of intervention programs for students with both centre-based and remotely managed training. NeuroTracker Remote allows your clients train anywhere, anytime! Progress therapy to full recovery and beyond, with instant training customization and monitoring through a secure login from any browser.

Personal training programs via the web

Highly integrative training programs

Send messages with updates to any patient’s dashboard

Individually tailored home training

Check details on any patient’s progress

Revenues from new & existing patients

Overcoming learning difficulties and changing lives

At the heart of many learning difficulties are common deficits in attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed. These restrict a student’s ability to focus, process and comprehend information. Students needs to be able sustain their attention long enough to complete challenging mental tasks and generate their own meanings through learning.

Scientific evidence shows that NeuroTracker training significantly improves core learning capacities, even with minimal intervention time.

NeuroTracker improves these common challenges to effective learning:

Selective Attention

Sustained Attention

Divided Attention

Inhibition Control

Response Control

Executive Function

AAs a training program that deals with the central issues of learning, NeuroTracker brings the potential to radically improve educational outcomes over the long term. When a student begins to feel new levels of clarity and mental focus, tasks that seemed unachievable can become enjoyable, and the path to improvement becomes a natural one.

What Others Are Saying About NeuroTracker

Brendan Parsons

Brendan Parsons

Neurofeedback specialist

Neurodezign, Canada

“For people with attention issues NeuroTracker can take them from a level of extreme deficit up to a moderate deficit. This is done with training over a period of three or four weeks.”

Dr. Cameron McCrodan

Dr. Cameron McCrodan

McCrodan Vision Development, Canada

“NeuroTracker has proven to be an excellent tool in our vision development/rehab clinic. We use it for both our reading and learning programs.”

Armando Bertone, Ph. D., Perceptual Neuroscience Laboratory for Autism and Development

Armando Bertone, Ph. D.

Perceptual Neuroscience Lab

“One of the strengths of NeuroTracker is its flexibility and adaptability…you’re always pushing the limit. We’re working with kids across a spectrum…and we’re seeing improvements across the board.”

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“NeuroTracker has grown into the most successful brain-training game in sports”

The New York Times

Integrate NeuroTracker into Your Curriculum

Short 6-minute training sessions make NeuroTracker easy to integrate into existing programs both in your office and for personal training at home.

  • Objectively assess your students’ high-level cognitive abilities
  • Customize training programs specifically to each student’s need
  • Monitor each program’s learning transfer with scientific questionnaires
  • Enhance top-down cognitive abilities for empowering all learning

Extend learning with fun and ease

NeuroTracker Remote provides valuable home-based training programs to make each step learners take towards their potential simple and easy. A simple browser login allows educators to easily manage and monitor any number of home learning programs.


Personal training programs via the web

Extend learning beyond the classroom

Easily customize programs for each learner

All tools needed to manage any number of learners

Send update messages to any learner’s dashboard

Check details on any learner’s progress at any time

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