NeuroTracker Onboarding
How to Integrate NeuroTracker into Your Offerings

NeuroTracker Onboarding

Upcoming Dates:
Thursday, May 31, 2018
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Thursday, June 7, 2018
from 12:30-1:00

This webinar will teach you about the collaboration possibilities with NeuroTracker, our marketing material and how to get started with the NeuroTracker Bundle. There will be a question period at the end so that you can ask about anything else you would like to learn more about!

What is NeuroTracker?

NeuroTracker is a mental performance enhancement and objective measuring tool using 3D multiple object tracking technology.

How it works?

In short, 6-minute sessions, NeuroTracker delivers highly effective training and is easy to integrate into any training program – in your center, at home, or on the road.

Dr. Donald Teig, High Performance Vision Associates


Dr. Donald Teig

High Performance Vision Associates

“The new technology that’s out there is really exemplified beautifully by NeuroTracker. We love it…it’s relevant, and through repetition you get better and better at it.”

Carol Leduc, Action Sport Physio VPO


Carol Leduc

Action Sport Physio VPO

“NeuroTracker is useful to train attention, focus and awareness in a very adaptable way. I use NeuroTracker to make sure that cognitive functions are back to their maximal or optimal levels.”

Armando Bertone, Ph. D., Perceptual Neuroscience Lab for Autism and Development


Armando Bertone, PhD

Perceptual Neuroscience Lab

“The ultimate goal is to help kids learn, and feel good about themselves. What we’re finding is that with just 20 minutes per week, we’re getting some really, really positive results in the NeuroTracker groups.”