NeuroTracker is an ideal way to enhance a wide range of mental skills that are fundamental to learning abilities. Simple yet fun, and quick but challenging to do, NeuroTracker is a practical tool for students with learning difficulties or for those who want to excel in their academic performance.


Our Clients

Top educational institutions and clinicians use NeuroTracker.

*These relationships are either direct or indirect through our medical and sports performance partners.

“For people with attention issues NeuroTracker can take them from a level of extreme deficit up to a moderate deficit. This is done with training over a period of three or four weeks.”

Brendan Parsons

Neuroscientist and Neurofeedback specialist

NeuroTracker can help lift the fog blocking a child’s intellectual development and empower their own learning. When a student begins to feel new levels of clarity and mental focus, tasks that seemed unachievable become enjoyable, and the path to improvement becomes natural.

“One of the strengths of NeuroTracker is its flexibility and adaptability…you’re always pushing the limit. We’re working with kids across a spectrum…and we’re seeing improvements across the board.”

Armando Bertone, Ph. D.


Overcome Learning Difficulties

With NeuroTracker, students can significantly improve their core mental capacities, which relate to attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed.

Selective attention

Focus on the task at hand and filter out distractions

Sustained attention

Maintain concentration over extended periods

Divided attention

Manage multiple streams of information


Control behavioural impulses and respond appropriately

Auditory processing

Hear and comprehend more information when listening


What the science says

At the heart of learning difficulties are consistent deficits in attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed. These are central abilities involved in all learning. Large studies with children across a wide range of learning difficulties show that NeuroTracker training over time robustly improves these core learning capacities. In addition students show significant gains in areas related to attention deficits.

Take learning to the next level today with NeuroTracker!

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