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When: September 25th, 2018 / 8-9PM EST

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Co-moderator: Dr. Vikas Dhawan, DC

I graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2002, and have since attained an even greater respect for the phenomenal healing powers of the human body. Through my 15 years in practice, I have had great success in treating patients suffering from injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents, chronic or repetitive strain, sports, and postural imbalances, as well as headaches, and numbness & tingling in the extremities, using soft-tissue techniques in combination with the highly effective Pro-Adjustor technology.
 I’m a health coach to my patients and a mentor to my team, with the goal of enabling them to live more fulfilling lives by breaking down their barriers to change and living life with positivity and purpose.
 Through my own personal experiences, as well as those of my patients, I have come to firmly believe in a holistic healing approach and a wellness-based practice. True health involves optimal functioning on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My motto is: try new things, test your limits, and push yourself to always give your best to people. Be the best you can be. Be healthy and keep it that way!

Kyla Demers B.Sc. CAT(C), DO

Kyla obtained her degree in Athletic Therapy from Concordia University in 2004. She is a member of the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association. Beginning her career in sports medicine, working alongside the Rugby Quebec programs and at the National Circus school, she has been working in the field sports medicine for over a decade. Passionate about sports and meticulous about her manual therapy skills, she obtained her diploma of Osteopathy in 2012 from the Centre Ostéopathique du Québec. Since then, she has been a part of the medical team twice at the Canada Games and at the Vancouver Olympic Games. She has also been a consultant with the Armada hockey club (QJMHL), and is a recognized health care professional for the Centre de Développement et d'Excellence en Sports et Loisirs (Institut National du Sport).

Through her athletic career in rugby and hockey, Kyla has suffered multiple concussions and has been able to maintain her participation through continued treatment. She has managed and treated several concussion cases from the stage of acute intervention through to more complex cases. Her current journey began in 2015 when she decided to develop health care services and build a network of healthcare professionals from various fields to collaborate on concussion care. She began work on her Master's degree at Concordia University in 2016, where she hopes to discover a link between mobility restrictions of the head and neck and symptoms related to post-concussion syndrome. She has taken courses in concussion rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, and vision therapy. Believing in the importance of education, she offers conferences on concussions, including prevention methods, adapted to the targeted population. Aware of the need for better care and support for individuals suffering from concussions, she founded Vertex Commotion.

Dr. Tyler Fletcher, D.C, BSc Kin, DAc

I started off my career always having a passion for healthcare and rehabilitation. Before high school, I always enjoyed volunteering at many physiotherapy clinics. I always knew that I wanted to be involved in the healthcare world and brain injuries. After high school, I decided to go to the University of Waterloo where I obtained my Bachelor of Science (honours) in Kinesiology (2004). In my last year of University, I took a keen interest in Neuroscience and brain injuries. Additionally, in my last year of school, I had a traumatic experience where I fractured my lumbar spine in the gym. From this experience, I decided to go into Chiropractic sciences(2008). I went to New York Chiropractic College after my undergrad and achieved my Doctorate of Chiropractic (2011). During my schooling hours, I found that I had a keen interest in the brain and neurology. I started to specialize in concussions and chronic brain injuries. I had a true passion for rehabilitating people that suffered acute brain injuries to people who suffered strokes. After my doctorate, I decided to specialize further by taking my certificate at McMaster University for Medical Acupuncture. Post Schooling, I have taken numerous courses relating to concussion management and sports injuries. I have taken my Advanced Level Vestibular Rehabilitation course, as well as, passed my Level II Shift Concussion Management certification.

Fortunately, I have been able to work with some of the leading professionals in the Concussion world, giving me elite-level knowledge of how to treat and manage concussions. Moreover, I have also been able to work with several top-level clinics including Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine, London ON and Parkwood Brain Injury, London ON. From these amazing experiences, I have been able to develop my own state of the art clinic, Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centre. Currently, in our clinic, we have over 20 different health professionals in the clinic specializing in sports injury and concussion care. We are a team based integrated sports medicine clinic. Our clinic is over 14,000 sqr. ft in size dedicated to getting our patients back to 100%. We are currently getting the pieces together to open another sports medicine clinic in the area.

Efan Gonsalves, B.H.SC. (PT)

Efan Gonsalves is the Clinical Director of the Markham clinic and company General Manager of Honsberger Physio+. He also directs the Company's Concussion Solutions Program. Efan has over 20 years of experience in the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine. He is a Registered Physiotherapist with a degree from McMaster University and is a graduate of the Sports Injury Management (Athletic Therapy) program at Sheridan College. He has also completed all five levels of the CPA Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy program, and obtained his Intermediate Manual and Manipulative Therapy Certificate. In addition, he has taken courses related to Visceral Manipulation, Manual Nerve Mobilization, Concussion Management and Sports Injuries.

Efan can be seen in the community running education workshops especially in the field of Concussion Management. Efan has worked with all levels of clients, including professional baseball players, and elite figure skaters and track athletes. He has lectured in topics including the "Sport Parent Program", Advanced Concussion workshop for Sports Trainers, Concussion Management, and ACL injury prevention for female athletes.

Ryan Sleik, MSc PT, MSc KIN

Ryan co-owns Creekside Physiotherapy, a multidisciplinary clinic in Kimberley, BC that provides concussion and vestibular rehabilitation care for the East Kootenay region.

His graduate research explored the relationship between attention and anxiety and their effects on motor control and balance in a dual-task context. He has worked in treating vestibular disorders and balance issues for the past 15 years and completed his Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation at Emory University in Atlanta.

Ryan started teaching with the Shift Concussion Management Group in 2015 and has integrated Neurotracker into his practice. The role Neurotracker plays in enhancing attention and its relationship with dual-task processing in different populations is particularly of interest to him. Within his practice, Neurotracker has been helpful in the post-concussion population and elite athletes as well as clients who are post-stroke, have neurodegenerative disease, or those who have persistent vestibular issues.

Dr. Keith Smithson, OD

Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry Reston VA

Dr. Smithson is a concussion rehabilitation and sports vision enhancement specialist with the Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry with offices in Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church and Reston Virginia. He consults with multiple companies in the areas of sports and performance vision and post-concussion vision syndrome.

He is the past chair of the American Optometric Association’s Sports and Performance Vision Committee. He is the Director of Visual Performance for the Washington Nationals, as well as the Team Optometrist for the Washington Redskins, Wizards, Mystics, Spirit and DC United, and a visual performance consultant for the Washington Capitals. He is also a founder of


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