NeuroTracker has been developed out of 20 years of cutting-edge neuroscience research at the Faubert Lab of the University of Montreal. Scientific studies around the world show that NeuroTracker training rapidly enhances mental performance across a wide range of people.

What the science says

Brain scans reveal that NeuroTracker training sustainably increases brainwave speeds, associated with heightened alertness and learning capacity. Peer reviewed research shows that NeuroTracker training significantly enhances attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed.


Just 18 minutes of training per week boosts fundamental cognitive abilities

Executive function

Think clearly with better planning and decision-making

Working memory

Stay on top of multiple streams of information simultaneously

Processing speed

Manage and understand more information to respond faster

Improving these increases your cognitive abilities in a top-down way that can transfer to almost all aspects of performance. In an independent review, NeuroTracker was found to be the only perceptual-cognitive training method that measurably increased athletes’ performance in competition.

“NeuroTracker has grown into the most successful brain-training game in sports”

The New York Times

Top performance, wellness and learning professionals use NeuroTracker.

*These relationships are either direct or indirect through our medical and sports performance partners.

What is your path to improvement?

NeuroTracker is designed to help you achieve your mental peak state for any situation where there is pressure to perform. NeuroTracker trains the cognitive abilities needed for better awareness and decision-making under pressure.
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NeuroTracker improves an array of mental abilities that are central to everyday real-world needs, as well as those affected by a wide range of cognitive challenges. Train to be sharper, more aware, and able to focus on what matters most.
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With rapid effects, NeuroTracker has shown to be an effective intervention with children across a wide scope of learning difficulties. NeuroTracker boosts sustained and divided attention, as well as inhibition – empowering students as they experience an increase in their learning abilities.
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