Maximizing Human Performance

Specialists worldwide are using NeuroTracker to enhance human performance, whether it’s on the field, court, ice or in everyday life. NeuroTracker, a 3D visual exercise that trains the brain, strengthens your clients’ mental muscles so they can reach their true potential. It is supported by over 20 years of neurological research and targets “core” mental skills such as attention, awareness, working memory and processing abilities.

Great for Clients

Since each NeuroTracker training session only takes about 6 minutes to complete, it easily fits into your client’s busy lifestyle. Our programs use algorithms that optimize each session to your clients’ needs so they can experience quick improvements.

Great for Partners

NeuroTracker is the ideal solution for specialists who want to assign customizable training programs to their clients. You have the option of monitoring their progress at your facility, remotely, or both. The choice is yours!

Our Clients

Top athletes, educational institutions and clinicians use NeuroTracker technology.

*These relationships are either direct or indirect through our medical and sports performance partners.


Jonathan Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer at NeuroTracker

Jonathan Anderson


Jonathan has both technological and marketing expertise and thrives on developing disruptive and cutting edge projects. He has extensive experience consulting and implementing online sales and marketing strategies for corporate and consumer direct selling networks. He has founded and helped build several multi-million dollar companies in the Fintech and Health industries and has chosen NeuroTracker as his next exciting project. He is responsible for the vision and execution of the Sales and Marketing strategy for NeuroTracker and heads up the development of the Strategic Partner and Influencer Program. He is an accomplished speaker and Certified Network Engineer, and has spent alot of his career travelling the world to personally coach and keynote CEOs, CTOs, government leaders and college/university professors on emerging technologies and scaling their businesses. Jonathan is happily married and a proud Father of three beautiful children.

Jocelyn Faubert, Chief Science Officer at NeuroTracker

Jocelyn Faubert

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

Professor Faubert is a professor at the University of Montréal and has held the NSERC-Essilor Industrial Research Chair since 2003. He is professor at the School of Optometry and a member of the Biomedical Engineering institute and the Institute for Neurosciences Research. Dr. Faubert has published over 120 peer-reviewed scientific articles and over 200 conference proceedings/abstracts on a large diversity of topics. He received the MRC-Scholar award in 1994 and the MRC-Scientist Award in 1999.

Armando Gomez, Chief Marketing Officer at NeuroTracker

Armando Gomez


Armando has over 20 years of experience as a sales and marketing professional, and has held strategic leadership and management roles. Armando has marketed top tier brands across the digital & traditional space by increasing revenue through sales funnel optimization and implementing marketing technology solutions. He has spearheaded new revenue streams and managed overall monetization: direct, non-direct and SaaS sales, branded commerce and performance marketing. Furthermore, he has built & led a specialized sales marketing team to support all vertical sales. Armando has strategized award-winning campaigns and worked with global partners: Gillette, Bacardi, Sony Pictures, Porsche, GM, Ubisoft, Pepsi, and more.

Jean Castonguay, President & Chief Executive Officer at NeuroTracker

Jean Castonguay

Co-Founder, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships

In the course of his 30-year career as a corporate lawyer, Jean has practiced with many firms including Borden Ladner Gervais in Montreal. As an entrepreneur, Jean has managed international law and business consulting practices and since 1998 he has held senior management positions in start-up and high-growth companies spanning the life science, technology and manufacturing sectors. He is regarded as a key opinion leader in cognitive training innovation and public relations. Jean holds two degrees from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec: a Bachelor of Commerce – Finance and International business and a Bachelor of Civil Laws.

Raj Vadavia, Chief Technology Officer at NeuroTracker

Raj Vadavia

Chief Technology Officer

Raj has over 15 years of experience actively managing an enterprise software company and developing new technologies. He is an experienced executive and CTO and manages CogniSens’ technology development as a bridge between development, sales, marketing and management team. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal.

Scott Kozak, Executive Director of Business Development at NeuroTracker

Scott Kozak

Executive Director of Business Development

Scott has held senior management positions in multinational corporations (Teradyne, Universal Instruments Corp., IBM) and high-growth companies leading business development in medical technology, healthcare and advanced manufacturing sectors. Scott is also Managing Director of the CogniSens Applied Research Center and Deputy Chair of the National Defense Industry Association’s Human Systems Division. He holds an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College and is an Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Leadership at Brown University.

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