Dr. Matter on Neuro-stimulation with NeuroTracker

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Dr. Matter heads Neurovision Consultancy, a group that specializes in advanced performance training, assessment, and medical therapy through cutting-edge vision training and neuro-stimulation techniques. We recently covered the rising trend of ‘sports vision training’, and how sophisticated practices in this field are evolving into ‘neurovision’ training.  Dr. Matter’s work is a vanguard example of how vision can be used to push the frontiers of mental performance.

With centers in Geneva, Switzerland and Los Angeles, Neurovision Consultancy work with a range of elite sports teams and professional athletes from ice hockey to Formula 1 drivers.  Dr. Matter gave the NeuroTracker team an in-depth interview to explain why NeuroTracker is “just amazing” for performance training and accelerating concussion recovery.  Here he describes why tools like NeuroTracker will revolutionize the way athletes are trained.

About Dr. Michael Matter

Dr. Matter is an Ophthalmologist (FMH) who heads Neurovision Consulting. He is also Supervising Physician and co-founder of the Ophthalmologic Centre of Rive, Geneva, President of the Geneva Medical Doctor Association (AMG) and Vice-president of the Swiss Association of Physicians with surgical and invasive activity (FMCH).

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