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Dr. Armando Bertone and his research assistant Domenico Tullo took some time out to visit the NeuroTracker headquarters in Montreal.  They talked about the encouraging success of their research using NeuroTracker in special needs schools, which will be published in two studies later this year.

Their research involved taking 171 students with a variety of learning disorders through a NeuroTracker training program.  Dr. Bertone designed a sophisticated dual-control group methodology to accurately isolate the effects of NeuroTracker training.

They chose to measure transfer to industry standardized measures of attentional capacities, as attention is known to be of central importance to performance in the classroom.  This video interview covers some of the highlights of the transfer findings along with some anecdotes of the positive effects on the students.

A summary of their study findings is available in our Learning Overview download here.

We expect to hear about their next on-going study using NeuroTracker Cloud in Quebec schools, so watch this space!

About the Researchers

Dr. Bertone (Ph.D.) and Domenico Tullo (Ph.D. candidate) are researchers at Perceptual Neuroscience Laboratory for autism and development (PNLab), based at McGill University. PNLab is one of the only laboratories in the world that is specifically interested in assessing perceptual and cognitive processes in typical development.

You can read more about NeuroTracker’s educational role in this Expert Corner blog by leading education strategist Dwayne Matthews.

How Can We Enhance Learning Outcomes?

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