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NeuroTracker is a scientific innovation for measuring and improving cognitive performance in sports. Developed by world-leading neurophysicist Dr.Faubert, it trains multiple object tracking skill using a large 3D display and challenges athletes to spread their attention by tracking many targets at high speeds.  


Sessions take just 3-5 minutes. Due to isolated cognitive stimulation and rapid brain development through neuroplasticity, improvement rates for all athletes are dramatic - with a wide range of real benefits on the field.

NeuroTracker enhances performance by training an athlete to absorb and process complex movement and distribute attentional resources throughout the visual field. Mental focus, sustained concentration, response time and situational awareness are all improved.


NeuroTracker is valued by elite teams for reducing injury risk, assessing concussion recovery, profiling cognitive game-shape, training neuro-physical stamina, and supporting rehabilitation.  Training evolves to adding motor-skill tasks while NeuroTracking, extending performance benefits.

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